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Niedziela, 16 June 2019, Nameday: Aliny, Anety

Advantages of investments in Krosno

Advantages of investments

  • The industrial park area situated around the Krosno airfield and intended for prospective industrial and manufacturing investments are a perfect location for your enterprise facility.
  • People: educated and experienced specialists and experts are our main assets. Our excellent schools educate young people in many fields to provide human capital for innovative industrial sectors.
  • We have well-developed infrastructure, including industrial and municipal facilities. The airfield, which is being expanded, will soon shorten the distances to Krosno even from the remotest corners of the globe.
  • It pays! We offer tax exemptions in property tax as well as income tax exemptions within EURO - PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone.
  • All industrial investors, in the implementation of their investment process, will be provided expert assistance by specialists from our Municipal Office.
  • The companies and enterprises based in Krosno achieve many successes. Many of them are thriving businesses of nationwide and international importance. Both multinationals having locally based divisions and native organizations are strong exporters.
  • We are successful in the European Union’s funds acquisition, which contributes to permanent modernization of the town and help us spread our wings.
  • Here you can actively spend your free time „after hours”, attending cultural events, play sports, to have fun ... Everybody will find something interesting.
  • Krosno is a safe place to live in and run a business.