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Saturday, 17 April 2021, Nameday: Roberta, Rudolfa



Krosno, once called „little Cracow”, is a town situated in the south of the Podkarpackie Province on the outlet of the Lubatówka river to the Wisłok river. It is located in the Krosno Valley (Kotlina Krośnieńska), an area being a part of the Mid-Beskid Foothills (Pogórze Środkowobeskidzkie).

To the west the Krosno Valley borders the Jasło Valley and to the east the Zarszyn Valley. The Odrzykoń Ridge towers above Krosno with its distinguishing summits of Królewska Góra (Royal Mountain) (554 m above sea level) and Sucha Góra (Dry Mountain) (585 m above sea level). There is "Kamieniec" castle at the foot of the first mountain, and a TV relay station on the peak of the other.

Krosno still enchants with the beauty of its medieval churches and listed period tenement houses situated mainly in the Old Market Square area located on a hill on the altitude of ca. 277 m above sea level. From 30th June, 1975 to 31st December, 1998 the town was the capital of the Krosno Province. At present, covering the area of 43,5 km2 and having the population of about 50 thousand inhabitants, Krosno is a town having the rights of powiat (=borough/county; second level of local government administration in Poland) and the seat of the Krosno Powiat local government of nine surrounding districts/communes.

Krosno is situated in the Carpathian Euro-region which comprises the borderlands of Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania.