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Tuesday, 2 March 2021, Nameday: Heleny, Pawła

Freemen of the Town


Name   Date title awarded
Józef Piłsudski - Marshall of Poland  1928-03-19


Holy Father John Paul II 

Bronisław Jastrzębski, Father Prelate 1997-03-21
Józef Michalik, Archbishop 1998-03-18
Ryszard Kaczorowski – President of the Republic of Poland in Exile 2002-05-28
Tadeusz Szetela, Father Prelate 2002-08-30
Stanisław Dziwisz, Cardinal 2007-06-09


Rules of awarding the title of a Freeman of the Town of Krosno

Awarding the title of a „Freeman of the Town of Krosno" is the most important form of acknowledging citizens’ individual services for the town, its development, rescuing the national culture mementoes, publicizing the knowledge about Krosno and its history and for other public life areas.
The title is awarded by the Municipal Council in the form of a resolution.

  1. People who were awarded the title of "Freeman of the Town of Krosno" are served the act of granting the title during an official granting ceremony.
  2. If, for justified reasons, the act of awarding cannot be performed during the Municipal Council session, the act of awarding is performed by a delegation, the composition of which is established by the Mayor of the Town of Krosno with the approval of the Municipal Council Chairman.

The register of „Freemen of theTown of Krosno" is kept and maintained in the Municipal Council Office in Krosno ".