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Friday, 29 May 2020, Nameday: Magdaleny, Teodozji



Zalaegerszeg is another town, besides Edewecht (Germany), with which Krosno signed an agreement of partnership. As in the proverb about the Polish-Hungarian brotherhood, the brotherhood of the towns has a really family-like character. First contacts were initiated by a Hungarian-Polish family from Zalaegerszeg. The family of Devecs Miklos and Janina Deveczne Budziak (a native of Krosno) got the authorities interested in cooperation and after a few months an adequate document was signed.

Why Zalaegerszeg and Krosno? Both towns are of a comparable size, connected with oil and machinery industries, they carry on similar municipal investment projects and even the level of unemployment in both towns is similar. While standing on a TV tower situated on the woods-covered mountains a few kilometres away from Zalaegerszeg, you can easily see the similarity of this landscape to that of the area of Krosno and Czarnorzeki.

This is not only “paper” cooperation. There are many visits of different groups: children and youth sport teams participate in contests, artistic groups and individual artists give performances and present their works of art. Some economic cooperation has been initiated. Teachers, policemen, fire-fighters, museum experts, municipal service officers from both towns exchange their experiences. All these activities and plans for further meetings form active international cooperation on the level of local self-government, municipalities and communities.

Some important facts from the history of cooperation between Krosno and Zalaegerszeg:


18-20.05.2006. a delegation from Zalaegerszeg attends a sports meeting in Krosno.
12-14.05.2006. a delegation from the town of Krosno attends "Spring Festival" and “Days of the Town of Zalaegerszeg".
08.2005. ceremonial Session of the Town of Krosno is held on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Krosno-Zalaegerszeg twin partnership.
6-9.05.2005. a delegation from the town of Krosno attends “Days of the Town of Zalaegerszeg".
11-13.02.2005. a delegation from the town of Krosno attends a sports tournament held in Zalaegerszeg.
17.12.2004. a delegation from Krosno in Zalaegerszeg: „Prize for Services for Zalaegerszeg" awarded by the General Meeting to Mr Łukasz Zborowski.
4.12.2004. exhibition is held in Zalaegerszeg to show the works of art from the 2nd "Z krosna do Krosna" International Linen Tapestry Biennial.
10-12.11.2004. the Mayor of the Town of Zalaegerszeg visits Krosno.
31.05.2004. children choir from the Ferenc Liszt Music School in Zalaegerszeg gives a concert in the Franciscan Fathers church in Krosno.
29.04 -1.05.2004. the European Union accession celebration. Presentation of the regions accessing the Union is held in Zalaegerszeg.
03.2004. exhibition of Maciej Syrek’s works of art in Hungary.
12.2003. the Mayor of Zalaegerszeg attends the official opening of the Sports and Entertainment Hall in Krosno.
11.2003. a delegation of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Hungary visits Krosno, with Deputy Minister Erika Koncz and Attila Szalai, Director of the Hungarian Culture Institute in Warsaw.
19-21.09.2003. Hungarian Wine Festival in Krosno.
07.2003. "Echo" choir and a string orchestra with the ballet group of PRO MUSICA Music School give concerts in Hungary. 
9-11.05.2003. Days of Hungarian Culture in Krosno
31.03-1.04.2003. a delegation from Krosno attends the ceremony of opening of the Finno-Ugric Park – an Open-Air Museum in Zalaegerszeg at the Gocseji Muzeumok in Zalaegerszeg.
28.03.2003. Wacław Turek’s photographic exhibition in Zalaegerszeg.
20.06-12.07.2002. "Zala'Art 2002" exhibition of the works of art of contemporary Hungarian painters in the Office of Artistic Exhibitions.
June, 2002. the municipal authorities of Krosno attend the ceremony of opening of the Aquapark in Zalaegerszeg.
May, 2002. a delegation from Krosno attends the 125-anniversary celebrations of the Fire Brigade in Zalaegerszeg.
November, 2001. a return visit of young dancers: five pairs from Krosno participate in the “Gala Cup” Ballroom Dance Tournament in Zalaegerszeg.
September, 2001. a Hungarian display is arranged on the “Kontakt” tourist fairs in Krosno.
19-23.07.2001. sportspeople from Krosno participate in the Football and Basketball Tournament in Zalaegerszeg.
May, 2001. Janos Pinter, the Zalaegerszeg Fire Brigade Commander, attends the celebration of handing over the banner to the State Fire Brigade in Krosno.
April, 2001. a Krosno stand is displayed at the 1st „KulTurak” Tourist Fair in Zalaegerszeg.
8-26.03.2001. the Krosno Craft Museum delegation promotes Krosno at the cultural exhibition in Zalaegerszeg, displaying artistic linen tapestry from the 1st "Z krosna do Krosna" International Linen Tapestry Biennial, photographs of the town of Krosno from the "Krosno 2000. Miasto i ludzie" (Krosno 2000. The Town and the People) 1st All-Poland Biennial of Photography; a display of artistic glassware from the Krosno Glass Factory; the “Swaty” folk group concert.
September, 2000. the authorities of Zalaegerszeg take part in the official opening of the waste water treatment plant in Krosno.
July, 2000. the youth football and basketball teams of the Municipal Centre of Sports and Recreation in Krosno take part in an international tournament in Zalaegerszeg.
October, 1999 and October, 2000. some companies from Krosno participate, twice, in the Agromic Business Fairs in Zalaegerszeg. As a practical result of the fairs, the „Stylmark” company opens a shop under its company name in the centre of Zalaegerszeg.
3 May, 2000. signing the final agreement on cooperation of the Mayors of both towns in Krosno.
22 October, 1999. signing an initial agreement on cooperation between both towns