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KBP - Krosno Public Library

Krośnieńska Biblioteka Publiczna in Krosno (Krosno Public Library)





ul. Wojska Polskiego 41,
38-400 Krosno,
sk. poczt. (PO Box) 83
phone No (0-13) 432-13-70, 432-13-56, 432-52-53
fax (0-13) 436-88-82
e mail:
Director: mgr Teresa Leśniak 

 Official website of Krośnieńska Biblioteka Publiczna - www.kbp.krosno.pl
Krośnieńska Biblioteka Publiczna (Krosno Public Library) in Krosno was set up in 1947 as a powiat institution. (powiat is a second level of local government administration in Poland, an equivalent of a county, a borough or a district).
In the years 1954-1974 it functioned as Powiatowa i Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna (Powiat and Town Public Library) intended for the inhabitants of Krosno and the surrounding district (powiat). In those years the library ran versatile educational activities with exceptional achievements in the work with children and youth.
In the years 1975-1998 it had a function of the Province Library, supervising the public and self-government/municipal libraries in the Krośnieńskie Province.
In 1999, as a result of the country’s administration reform, it was transformed into Krośnieńska Biblioteka Publiczna (Krosno Public Library) in Krosno. It serves directly the town inhabitants, propagating books and readership, organizing or participating in cultural events of local and wider than local character.

Since January, 2004 Krośnieńska Biblioteka Publiczna has had a status of the powiat library.

The collection of over 235.000 volumes of books, including:

  • rich, regularly replenished book collection in various disciplines and fields of knowledge, including: valuable classical and contemporary fiction, set texts/required reading for schools and academic publications/textbooks,
  • regional collection on the Podkarpacie region: books, local magazines and newspapers and regional occasional publications/leaflets,
  • collections in foreign languages: books in French, English, German, Russian; magazines in English; language-learning cassettes,
  • collection of audiobooks  (more than 40,000 items), video cassettes with school-required texts, records, slides,
  • special collections - maps, documents of public/social life, CD-ROMs, Braille’s alphabet books,
  • specialized and popular magazines.

IT RENDERS information and bibliographical services and performs cultural and educational activities:

  • compiles the bibliography of Krosno and the Krosno powiat (district, county, borough),
  • provides information on various fields of knowledge with special attention put to the achievements in science, culture and economy of the region,
  • assists in research work for the purposes of diploma theses, presentations, talks, displays etc.
  • compiles bibliographical sets on selected subjects
  • provides access to dispersed information using IT techniques.

IT OFFERS versatile programmes of cultural and educational events, targeted at various groups and communities, including:

  • Środy Artystyczne (Artistic Wednesdays) (every second Wednesday of a month)
  • varnishing days/vernissages / previews) of works of regional artists mainly,
  • Środy Literackie (Literary Wednesdays) (every fourth Wedneday of a month)
  • meetings with authors, poets, literary critics and reviewers, also from outside the region,
  • activities in aid to educational processes and promoting readership among children and youth,
  • workshops of creative work with a book or a literary text for librarians.

IT COOPERATES with cultural institutions, local, regional, national and international organizations, including public libraries of the Carpathian Euro region.


  • „Krośnieńskie Zeszyty Biblioteczne”, (Krosno Library Booklets)
  • „Katalog literatury popularnonaukowej zakupionej do Biblioteki Głównej”, (Catalogue of Academic
      Publications for General Public Purchased for the Main Library)
  • bibliographical guides/compendia,
  • conference materials,
  • reports on projects accomplished and in progress.