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Saturday, 4 July 2020, Nameday: Elżbiety, Teodora

RCKP Regional Borderland Cultures Centre

Regionalne Centrum Kultur Pogranicza



38-400 Krosno
ul. Kolejowa 1
phone No 013 432 18 98
fax 013 432 15 71
Director: Dorota Cząstka

Regionalne Centrum Kultur Pogranicza is a municipal/ community cultural institution governed by its by-laws.
As it is an institution of culture, its mission comprises tasks in education and culture propagation among children, youth and adults.
The implementation of the tasks is effected by organizing various forms of group participation in culture. RCKP runs wide international activities targeted mostly at the borderland countries, aimed at presenting and development of the borderland nations’ cultures and building an inter-cultural dialogue.

The Centre’s major objective is to prepare and win the public for its active participation in the cultural life by originating a versatile offer of cultural activities.
The RCKP services include various artistic disciplines: theatre, film, classical and pop music, fine art forms and dance, all proposals targeted at all social and age groups.