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Good reasons to visit Krosno

10 good reasons to visit Krosno

This sub-site is addressed to an undecided and hesitating discoverer of new places. Did you happen to visit our town? You will probably not believe it but it has changed a lot since your last visit ... So, you still do not know whether to come to Krosno again. We understand your doubts. That is why we would like to present you several reasons why Krosno is worth visiting.

1. Do you need a bit of peace and quiet, relaxation in an uncommon place? Are you a lover of something untypical? Do you like being enchanted by the climate of newly visited places – YOU ARE ALWAYS A WELCOME VISITOR TO KROSNO!

2. First of all, our town is created by outstanding people, who are not afraid of facing challenges. They are passionate in developing their skills and contribute to the diverse attractions and treasures of our town. As hosts, the Krosno dwellers are warm-hearted and hospitable. They welcome their guests with open arms and their candour and openness will endear them to you.

3. We are sure that you know the Polish beaches like the back of your hand, you have got soaked to the marrow with the Tatra Mountains atmosphere and that you sailed the length and breadth of the Mazurian lakes many times. We feel that the madding crowd and the hustle and bustle of city life are not the perfect companions of your leisure time. So, try KROSNO! And, later on, you will probably discover all attractions of the region.

4. When talking about the tourist attraction of Krosno and its environs, think of how you like spending your leisure time. Let’s think… Sightseeing? Sports? Shopping? No matter what option you choose, Krosno will match up to your expectations, all the same: from Mediaeval Old Town to modernistic villas and manor houses, cycling routes to tennis courts, up to parachuting and paragliding, from friendly corner shops to modern shopping malls. Choose, be fussy – you will not be disappointed.

5. Exceptional events held in Krosno. Mountain Hot-Air Balloon Competition, Krosno Fair, Carpathian Climates and Galicja Blues Festiwal are regular events of the Krosno sporting and entertainment calendar and they are more and more valued by their participants, both from the country and from abroad.

6. The Bakers’ Guild was active in Krosno as early as in the 14th century. We can be proud of our bread. You bet, you will be impressed by the variety of tastes and aromas of local bakery products and on leaving Krosno you will surely take an aromatic loaf with you as provisions for your trip home.

 7. Do you love beauty, elegance and good taste? Do you like functional but also stylish and beautiful articles and items? If so, you must know the Krosno glassware. If you want to get to know how it is produced, you are welcome. Do not forget to treat yourself to a small gift. There is nothing like a useful and beautiful souvenir from an outstanding place you have visited.

8. Oil is another symbol of Krosno. This is the place where we cherish the rich traditions of the oil producing industry which were initiated by the research work of Ignacy Łukasiewicz. Perhaps you feel like seeing a collection of kerosene lamps, the largest in Europe? Nothing can be simpler if you come to Krosno.

9. We know that you like music. Who does not? We have something for you! The state-of-the-art concert and entertainment hall of the Regional Centre of Borderland Cultures has a capacity of 600. Everyone can find something interesting in classical music, theatre or ballet. Hours of unusual performances with a select cast are one of strong points of cultural life of our town.

10. We are pro-ecological. In spite of dynamic development and numerous investments we implement and promote novelty solutions in the environment protection. We are an eco-friendly town!

Krosno is friendly, open, colourful and full of mysterious charm. If you are not convinced yet after you have read the foregoing information, please come and check on the spot. We are waiting!