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Saturday, 6 June 2020, Nameday: Norberta, Bogumiła

Craft Museum







ul. Piłsudskiego 19, 38–400 Krosno
phone No/fax 013 432 41 88, 013 432 69 68
e-mail: , www.muzeumrzemiosla.pl
Director: Ewa Mańkowska

The Craft Museum in Krosno has its seat in the building which, in the years 1901-1938, housed the First National Factory of Tower Clocks, owned and run by Michał Mięsowicz.
The permanent exhibition in the museum, entitled “The History of the South-Eastern Poland’s Craft” is composed of craft and trade-related documents dating from the period of the 18th to 20th centuries and the 19th- and 20th-century craft products and tools, especially representing Krosno and its environs. The display is arranged in 6 rooms in the form of small workshops presenting: shoemaking, leather craft / saddlery, carpentry and joinery, woodcarving, cooperage, foundry, watch-making, metalwork and smithery, bee-keeping, millinery and fashion-related businesses, tailoring, sewing and dressmaking, weaving, hairdressing and food-processing trades. The cosy atmosphere of the small exhibition and the possibility to have a direct contact with the exhibit items and showpieces provide unforgettable impressions.

The Museum’s educational offer is prepared on the basis of the permanent exhibition, current temporary exhibitions and the issues connected with the history of the town and the region. It is an interesting proposal of supplementing the regular educational process carried out at schools, additionally enriched with competitions and quizzes for pupils and students.
The Museum organizes various cultural and community events, including “Z krosna do Krosna”* International Biennial Exhibition of Artistic Linen Tapestries – a prestigious artistic tapestry event and All-Poland Biennial Exhibition of Artistic Photographs: “Miasto i Ludzie” (The Town and the People).
* “z krosna do Krosna” is a pun which means: “from a loom to Krosno”, as “krosno” means a “loom” in Polish)

Permanent exhibition: The History of the South-Eastern Poland’s Craft, Address: ul. Piłsudskiego 19
1V - 30 IX: Mon – Fri, 8.00 – 17.00, Sat - Sun 10.00 – 14.00
1 X - 30 April: Mon – Fri, 8.00 – 15.30, Sat 10.00 – 14.00

Temporary exhibitions - Piwnica PodCieniami (Pod Cieniami Cellar), Address: Rynek 5
1 V - 30 IX: Mon - Fri 9.00 – 17.00, Sat - Sun 10.00 – 14.00
1 X - 30 April: Mon - Fri 9.00 – 16.00, Sat 10.00 – 14.00

Permanent exhibition

  • admission: PLN 5.0 and PLN 3.00 (concessionary/reduced)
  • guided showing-around: PLN 10.00 (per group)
  • Saturday: free admission
  • a lesson in the Museum: PLN 20.00 (per group)

Temporary exhibitions

  • admission: PLN 4.00 and PLN 2.00 (concessionary/reduced)
  • group tickets for youth: PLN 30.00 (group up to 25)
  • guided showing-around: PLN 10.00 (per group)
  • a lesson in the Museum: PLN 40.00 (per group)

Guided sightseeing tours around the town

  • historical sightseeing tour around Krosno: PLN 30.00 (in Polish), PLN 50 (in English)
  • Parish Church sightseeing: PLN 20
  • Franciscans’ Church sightseeing: PLN 20

Cultural and Tourist Information Services are available as part of the Museum’s operations
Address: ul. Rynek 5 (Old Town Market Square, No 5),
phone No 013 432 77 07